The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 7.8 – Babylon Ex-Nihilo?

Nineveh, the Bloody City – The Kingdom of Our Lord
Chapter 7.7

Ah, the rain…it was after all a rain-forest. Though we were careful to embark during a season that was dry relatively speaking…the problem was that we were speaking relatively.

We were coping… swimmingly.

That is we were in essence swimming. Though everything was waterproofed in a spectacular fashion…I kept waiting for something to give out. It was of course a relief from the heat…but hardly that either. The decrease of hell was but a scant degree and a half if that.

There were times that we’d have to cut through bush, and times that we could walk freely between massive trunks, shrouded in a dark misty shower.

No wonder the Indians walked about nude. Hey…maybe they were the first people to evolve…hairlessness would certainly be an advantage here…

What’s got you so perplexed?” Dr. Cook inquired as he fell into step beside me.

Oh just thinking about ultimate origins. This place sort of makes it inevitable. That and what a spectacle we must be. We are an utter invasion.”

Cook laughed.

“We are but a germ’s germ here. Even if we took the whole population of Brazil. Even with the deforestation…”

This was not a comforting thought.

“So do you believe what that anthropologist at Kuikuros village told us?”

Cook stared at his footfalls for a bit.

“Believe him in what way?”

That the cities were simply a larger scale version of those massive grass huts? That the conquistadors were being too European in their imaginings. That cultural nearsightedness was the cause of their failures. They were looking for stones, causeways, roads – and this was wrong…”

“Oh well certainly yes as regards the Kuikoros. You yourself saw the ditches and depressions for the palisades the remananats of the plaza. However…our friend is a bit too enthralled with a certain glib neosketpticism. It’s an odd thing common in academics my age…they want to reform ‘Western Conceptions’ so much that once something fit for that purpose is found…they cease inquiring.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean they’re in love with the noble savage myth. I am too…to an extent….but there is a reason the Kuikuros and many others are fascinated and frightened by their own myths about the ‘people of the cloud’ that live somewhere beyond their borders. There were ample reasons for the early explorers to lie. Grants…glory…etc…but that does not mean that they lied. Nor does it mean that they lied to themselves mistaking boulders for bricks.”

“What makes you so certain? Is it Hoyt’s map?”

“Pffft…well, it certainly buttresses the case for alternative history. But, that history frankly stands well enough on its own.”

“O?” I said as I smacked the billionth demon from my cheek. It was remarkable how they braved the rain for blood.

“Well, yes…I have shown you Gobekli Tepe…you yourself saw the ‘Brazilian Stonehenge,’ and Stonehenge itself. Certainly certain clever physics may have been applied…and perhaps many a thing has the accustomed mundane explanation…but when one takes all these things together…and when one see the explosions of high culture…the surprising spread and syncretism.”

“Syncretism….So what you’re telling me is that if someone was seeking to create a new faith…a global faith…it would in fact be an old faith?”

Cook and I trudged along in silence for a great long while before he spoke again.


I began to see Thornton’s prodding in a different light. He was not a G-man who wished to use psychological and chemical tricks for martial purposes. He did not simply want to gain compliance through memetic warfare. He was a sorcerer…a high priest in some mystery religion I was only beginning to understand. And we were all his unwitting altar boys…o good.

And I began to feel a very strong urge to deny the doctor.

“Yea…but come on…what could be out here…that we haven’t seen…you yourself have been studying the area for forty years you say…and you have not yet found a single thing resembling El Dorado or whatever…”

Cook laughed again.

I have already told you…we are a germ’s germ here…much there is unseen beneath the canopy…and much more beneath…the soil beneath the canopy…and you and I hold a clue to original elevations, to a four hundred year old topography in the map of your strange friend there…” he said as he pointed to Graham hiking a few bodies ahead. “You yourself have seen the strange stones that we’ve been passing the odd dispersal of trees where they should be thick…no my friend…you are going to see something far more ancient and impressive than a thatched roof New York.”

We were again silent for a great length.

“Babylon ex nihilo?” I inquired incredulously.

Cook simply shook his head.

“Babylon is simply a fragment…and nothing arises ex nihilo…all physic things have a metaphysic origin.”

“You’re beginning to sound like Thornton.”

“So be it.”

“So you are basically proposing the stoned ape theory?”

Cook smiled broadly. “That’s an oversimplified version of an aspect of what I’m saying but what I’m saying can’t really be said. It like theoretical physics or any complex systems can only be understood through rigorous study. But…it can also be seen. And I aim on seeing it.

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