Politesse – Poem

File:Tornado Destroyed House in Parkersburg, Iowa.jpg ...

O township

They were always afraid of fightin

Even more so
Of a kiss

They were doubly scared of cryin
So they’d try laughing but they’d miss

O the odd ones out

There seems to always be
So many about
They stretch from sea to sea

They are you and they are me

But hey
You know

There’s always another way
Eventually some screen will show

But for today let’s hide

Let’s close ourselves in
All of that stepping wide

Round today cause tomorrow has to win

Don’t take off that cryptic smirk

Or dispense with all the glibness

Just pass on another drink
I don’t like noise or stillness

But like you I love the grey thing in between
O yes deny with me each moments history
Reverence and romance should be so seldom seen

Yes politesse demands no mystery

Only wry wit and the obscene

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