The Dos and Dont’s (Poem and Song)




The dos and dont’s

The was and wont’s

The fronts

The rears

The wars

The years

 O it was just a phase

 That’s what they’d  say

Funny turn of phrase

 Just one of those days

Yeah my son o son my son

Where are the suns rays

The poets are cannon crushed

For fools and whores

So we’re rushed

 Through the dos and dont’s

The was and wont’s

To the fronts

Just like gears

For the wars

 The fools and whores have fears

 That’s what they’dsay

If honesty was policy
Yet fools are ever dapper in their double tongue

Deception with felicity
Flays the virgin young
O nurse become a chef
Turn this pancake lad right over

He’s got no bottom half

Couldn’t duck for cover

Quiet quick enough

Yeah there was a fine parade

He was called a diamond in the rough

Left his better shade
Out somewhere in time

Cause we have to get paid
Elsewise its a crime
Responsibility that’s the rules
To feed the whores and fools
Keep them coddled warm in bed

Yeah they’ll send the poets
Till poems are dead
The dos and dont’s

The was and wont’s

Are ringing in my head
I am stern above the marble
Waiting in the tower

Sleeves are heavy
With tears Ill shower

Yes Ill shower clean
That which this wicked sphere has been

I do not worship

I am not worshiped
Soon I will be seen
Will be seen


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