Escapism is lack of Trust

(Note – ‘Criticism’ of persons involved isn’t done maliciously. I’m simply framing my point with teasing observations consisting of my initial impressions. People are complicated and I don’t want to contribute to empty snark culture.)

Today was a research heavy day. As part of that research for projects like The Sketch of Sam Monroe I watched this video.

I was a bit grossed out by the weird suburban ‘New Age Catholicism’ on display. The Self-flagellation and self conscience ego denial (referring to humanity as monkeys in the process, repeatedly) was cringey for this Wattsian disciple.

My universe is a touch more playful. (It’s not a disappointed mother Gaia. Counterpart to disappointed Yahweh. Seriously though the parallels between this and Catholicism…anyway.)

That being said the video did have some good psychological insights. The curandero or whoever (I honestly can’t be bothered to rewatch this: I went to Christian Academies and the similarities are nauseating) said that addiction is due to a feeling of emptiness. So folk plunge into opiate escapism or whatever the drift was. (Super paraphrasing. Please watch the linked video if you want the full scoop.)

This is true…. But, instead of filling the void that you used to fill with alcohol… with Ayahuasca you should fill it with realization.

Escapism is amnesia. It’s forgetting that the point of life is to live it.

Escapism is a lack of trust. You do not trust that life will bring you interesting and beautiful experiences so you binge on carefully controlled scenarios. Some of which are chemical.

I think it’s a point worth making however brief it is.

To the credit of the film I believe it points this out towards the end.



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