The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 8.8 – Elect, Element, Eloquent, Eligible, Electrons

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The Sketch of Sam Monroe is a weird fiction thriller. Follow the adventures of five quirky Black Ops pharmacologists as they globetrot their way to the Mato Grosso jungles. Philosophy, psychedelics, and banter are infused throughout this literary comic-book.

“There he goes again.” Schmidt whispered from the adjacent hammock.

“Yep.” I replied as we watched Hoyt gingerly unfasten the velcro and disappear through the tent-flap.

“He thinks he’s sly.”

“Well, isn’t he? I mean how many of those Saturn cultists has he slain?”

“My question is why do they keep wasting soldiers?”

“Yeah…it’s real fucking odd…I haven’t heard a bird…or seen anything on radar. No word from Thornton or the donut dippers either.”

“I mean we don’t even know if they’re after us or Z or what…he kills them before they get within a half mile.”

“And nobody does anything about it.”

“Well, what are we supposed to do?”

Lucas shrugged.

“You know.” I said. “A thought just occurred to me…”

“You remember the yokel that broke into our lodge?”

Schmidt was silent for a bit and then chuckled. “Yea, the big ginger dufus…what was his name…uh…Jesse.”


“You remember the story he told us?”

“Shit..that’s goin back a ways…lotsa shits happened but uh yea I guess vaguely…I think he said somethin about guys in polos.”

“Yeah, that was in his explanation of how he trekked through sixty miles of Kentucky forest to get to Luckadoos. In his story the polo guys were working with some kinda lizard men.”

“You buy that shit?”

“At this point I’ll buy just about anything. But really the weirder stuff from his story is beside the point. The point being that there was something real fucking unnatural about the amount of time it took him to get from Foley to the lodge. It involved those business casual assholes and then we were attacked.”

“I mean yea…that is what happened as far as I remember…so?”

“What if they’re the same guys Hoyt is hunting?”

“I dunno why they would be. These lemmings are all normal size. I swear that fucker who dislocated your ribs was well over 6′ 8″.”

“I know. But think about the other similarities.”

All I heard for the next half-minute was jungle and snoring.

“I’m drawin a blank.”

“Well, the thing of it is that in both situations people popped up out of nowhere.”

Schmidt laughed.

“You suggesting a teleporter? Well, beam me up Scotty!”


“You’re serious?”

“I dunno..but I’ll tell you what…I rember that kids description pretty vividly cause I had to coax it outta him…and it sure sounded like there was some sort of physical disruption..I think he even used the word ‘oscillator.’ What kind of backwoods duckhunter talks about oscillators?”

“Well he was a deacons kid, I think…right?”

“Still though…oscillator?”

“Deacons can be physicsts.”

“In Foley fucking Kentucky?”

Schmidt sighed. “A fuckin’ teleporter Baird….”

“I didn’t say teleporter ya daffy cunt.”

“Well, then what the fuck man…I know I’m sleepy are you sure you’re not just pullin shit out your ass cause you’re delirious too?”

“Look, tripping on DMT is part of our job. So you’re aware of the elves?”

“Sure, but dream states and shit that simulates dream states is likely to illicit similar things. It’s Jungian archetypes like serpents that have to do with primitive shape and pattern responses. I think one theory Thornton showed us was that the elves are a combination of youth and age. They are small and child like but wise and sometimes bearded like the aged a perfect overlay for our instinctual simultaneous dread and love regarding birth and death.”

‘Fucking Germans…autistic godamn cocksucker….’

Yeah..I don’t care...what does the word elves start with?”


‘For fucks sake pull the kraut out of your ears.’

“Yes, E, and then l…EL!”


“What did Hoyt tell us this afternoon?”

“He told us a lot…that was actually the most I’ve heard him talk since his freakout back at the lodge.”

“Right, but specifically when he was talking about God.”

“Again he said a lot.”

“Ok…names of God…”


I sighed. “Baruch, Elohim, Adonai.”


“What does Elohim start with.”

“E!” Lucas cried. “….just kidding man…EL so where are you going with this EL business?”

“Elect, element, eligible, eloquent, and electrons…all these fancy words for fancy things both basic and complex begin with EL.”

“So that’s where my hash went…”

“I’m serious. You don’t remember when Ant went on that Jordan Maxwell kick?”

“Oh! Ok, well shit…do I ever. I think I get where you’re coming from now…but I mean…Jesus Baird…that’s some nutty stuff.”

“Yeah, it’s a bit patched together but I think the old boffin was feeling his way around something real.”

“Yeah, I remember about Elohim now….Maxwell claimed it was plural but it’s not really plural in the same way the trinity isn’t really plural. Plurality of force doesn’t necessitate plurality of persons. Just like we have arms, legs, and hands with different function or forces.”

‘Jesus…the lectures…about shit I already know…Rhinelander

“Anyhow Maxwell also went on and on about Saturn in one of the lectures Ant shared with me. That and his fixation with El, Hoyt mentioning Elohim, the fact that folk are popping up out of nowhere, and the loose association of being tired…makes me think of Electrons and like you said plurality of forces.”

“Holy word salad batman…WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.” He whisper shouted.

“Jesse talked about how everything kinda went into a negative state, and the world got distorted, right before he passed out and woke up nosing round our lodge…if I’m recalling correctly.”


“I also remember the recording of Hoyt’s uncle and his little seance at Cambridge…he mentioned the El…he mentioned them in context with Set who affixes spirit into matter.”

“I really don’t follow.”

“It’s ok I really don’t either but I know I’m right near the answer as to how these Saturn assholes keep popping up…they’re trying to play God again…like those guys at the bottom of that cenote were.”

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