French Words


“What’s the use of passion?”

“That’s not my forte in the first place.”

“Oh, I like that word forte…it sounds French.”


“Do you know any more French words?”


“Like what?”


“O that one’s nice. What’s it mean?”

“It’s the face you’re trying to put on now.”

“How do you mean…?”

“You’re trying to do that ‘seen it all’ face.”

“Is it working?”


“But I really feel like I’ve seen it all. So what is the use of passion. You’re just goin’ to crumble to dust anyway…”

“What’s so bad about crumbling into dust?”

“It’s just so sad…”

“Sad? I find it rather grand. I intend to crumble with gusto!”

“Now who’s tryin’ to be blasé?”

“Well for one I’m not trying cause blasé is my forte.”

“O that rhymed!”

“See that’s the attitude that makes the ‘seen it all face’ look really daffy on you.”

“O well your rhyme is stupid then. And you have a big nose.”

“Yes, I’m a Cyrano a fact so plain as to illicit ennui.”

“O that’s a fresh one…ENNUI! And is Cyrano a type of kimono?”

“What’s in your wine?”

“Umm…wine I think.”

“Yeah, and what happens to that wine?”

“Well, I drink it and it tastes good.”

“Yeah, and after that…”

“…I …I don’t want to say.”

“Come on everybody does it.”

“Fine…I guess I..I go to the bathroom.”

“Does that make you sad?”


“Does it make you question the use of wine?”

“Well, no but…huh…I don’t get what you’re trying to say.”

“Life is piss. And its release is bliss!”

“Well at least it rhymed.”

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