The Best Thing about Writing

The best thing about writing is you can get better at it by doing other things. I spent a good portion of the day learning JS and practicing guitar. As I was making a salad just now the thought occurred to me that I managed to squeeze in two poems. I don’t know if they’re the greatest thing in the world but they did happen.

Which got me to thinking. Shouldn’t I be more focused on writing. Shouldn’t I have written, researched, and posted more? Shouldn’t I get more serious about turning what I guess is my primary skill into a career or if I’m being less crassly commercial into a craft?

So I got all these thoughts and I realized that learning JS and other programming languages, nerdy concepts, etc would help me to write more believable characters. It would help me to inform readers of the various mercurial abstractions of just why OOP is such a big mess.

So should I be writing more. Yes. But the beauty of writing is that a lot of it happens in those blank spaces of time where you’re trying to figure out why you chose to learn Java instead of a language that didn’t arise out of an existential crisis.

Michael Crichton was a doctor and a filmmaker. So there. There’s your established example to prove that the best thing about writing is that you can get better at it by doing other things.

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