Brussel Sprouts vs. Actual Europeans

According to the Romanian EU MP Traian Ungureano Brussels has a rather dim view of Eastern Europeans. I can’t say I’m shocked.


Eastern Europeans are lazy says the organization headed by the nation that started two World Wars. The second having the express intention of enslaving the whole world so that krautloving groupthinkers had more time for their shit fetishes.

Isn’t Belgium also famous for crazy ass antics in the Congo via King Leopold where they cut off hands of locals for not working hard enough?

I hate to ruin a cutting joke by tempering it with: Germans are lovely people generally. But it is the current year and autism is at an all time high.

Not sure about the cutting off hands but there was some fucked up shit that went on and if a bunch tiny dickless Western nations (that were nothing before Rome) that couldn’t achieve anything without subduing weaker peoples are gonna fling shit. I’m gonna fling it right back. Let’s have a chimpout! Come on EU! Flinga da poo poo!

Why so triggered?

I’m American first but I did imigrate from Russia when I was very young. So just like an Englishman or German would recoil at the constant berating of British-ness or German-ness (well ok the Germans are masochists). I guess my point is that a bunch of WASPS that aren’t even Anglo or Protestant are calling Russians and ethnically similar folks Dagos. It’s like 1930’s New York up in this bitch.

This sort of rhetoric. That is dehumanizing rhetoric is often a precursor of war. Is the thousand year reich finally going to come in the robes of its opposition?

Try this on for size:

I’m serious about these savages. If you study the west you find Neanderthal DNA. Their civilization is contingent on Rome. A land to the south and east with refined acquiline facial structures. Not disgusting nordic lantern jaws.

– Herr Propangdaminister Von Weir

So…was that paragraph pleasant?

Neither is calling an entire country a nation of thieves.

Romanians have little love for Russians. And I have no particular affinity for the kingdom of Tepes.

But speaking of Tepes. It was always the eastern lands that acted as buffers for the lanky, tribalistic, warring untermensch to the West. Holding the Mongol hordes at bay, the caliphate at bay, and crushing those yellow haired Swedish rats calling themselves Vikings. Can a more disgusting animal be conceived than one who slaughters children under the cover of night. Arriving silently from the sea while singing songs of bravery.

You like that? Is it pleasant. No. But one can take something with a dollop of truth and color it in rabbelrousing opiate. This is dehumanization and as I said it is an essential tool of war.

I am merely playing. It’s evident in my theatrics. But when institutions that want continent spanning armies engage in similar rhetoric it becomes a touch alarming.  Especially when its a sneaky policy influencing rhetoric manifesting as an inside joke and metstasizing into nation ruining dictates.

The EU could have worked. If it was at trade Union. But it is incresingly becoming the pet project of milk bar Clauserwitzes.

Again, since it’s the current year I have to drive home the point that many of my best friends are German. That I am entirely western. That I often criticize the East and defend the West from the wiles of my Russophile friends.

I’m optimistic about the future but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to highlight dangerous mindsets. To tease them and show their madness through the lens of their opposite.


Da Pacem Domine…. you Papist Swine =)

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