Month: April 2019

Disorganization and Tree Update

Keeping up with papers isn’t one of my skills but fortunately some of my trees are sprouting leaves. Music I Used Freedom Theme I and II – Rocco John – Internet Archive – Free Domain Leaving Ship – Ocean Piano – Internet Archive… Continue Reading “Disorganization and Tree Update”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 8.8 – Elect, Element, Eloquent, Eligible, Electrons

~ The adventure continues! Full Text ~ Previous Chapter The Sketch of Sam Monroe is a weird fiction thriller. Follow the adventures of five quirky Black Ops pharmacologists as they globetrot their way to the Mato Grosso jungles. Philosophy, psychedelics, and banter are infused… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 8.8 – Elect, Element, Eloquent, Eligible, Electrons”

Sargon of Akkad is a Bugeyed Boy Scout Loon – Ideology kills Nuance – Envirofail

By viewing this discussion via the lens of individualism vs collectivism Sargon has missed some key points. It, i.e ideological lenses and pathos are perennial problems with being a pundit. I’m not here to berate Karl but rather point out some misconceptions he’s allowed… Continue Reading “Sargon of Akkad is a Bugeyed Boy Scout Loon – Ideology kills Nuance – Envirofail”

Noble Order of Asshole Knights – Join or Serve!

So, I was practicing violin (poorly) from a Mel Bay book I picked up. One of the songs is Gavotte by some fop named Praetorius. Being that I’m about as naturally musical as a coked up bobcat trapped in well full of nettles I… Continue Reading “Noble Order of Asshole Knights – Join or Serve!”

Garden Walls (Guitar and Voice)

Impromptu poem and voice. Email | Minds | SubscribeStar | (Under Construction)

Speaking Greek (Poem)

  Garden walls Blooming wells Dancing halls Myriad hells Gaffes on Dreher Dead eyed stare The sorts that disappear Static glare Woodpanneled and antique You look pretty on the stair I may as well be speaking Greek Yea, I live there Selling metros to… Continue Reading “Speaking Greek (Poem)”

Look Out Boss! It’s the Bots!

            The closing paragraphs of ‘The New Yorker article, ‘Machine Hands’ (John Seabrook), contain this little nugget: “It’s also possible that this second wave of A.I.-based mechanization will automate the farmer’s job long before it removes the need for… Continue Reading “Look Out Boss! It’s the Bots!”

That Grand Success

Musings on a goofy word. Life is not a journey. Etc. Email | Minds | SubsribeStar (Awaiting Review/Coming Soon) |

Forgetting Labor

‘There’s more than that to being poor.’ A discussion on the disconnect between pundits and the working class. The question as to whether or not I should upload this… was answered – when I did a random search for Free Domain music on the… Continue Reading “Forgetting Labor”

Baby Tree Update – Vlog

Super brief vlog on what I found about the bareroot trees I planted. Email | Minds |