Month: May 2019

Tea (Poem)

I let it all sort of shake Like a leaf on a twig This double take The way that they’d rig Up a brain Letting it fire Again and again Even if it’s only a liar A lying machine Iterates higher Fills the latrine… Continue Reading “Tea (Poem)”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.4 – Cameron

Stunned and speechless I wheeled around. How familiar. I knew this face. This face that smiled at me with thin lips. “Gr…” I stuttered. The lanky tweed clad thing chuckled. “Hardly.” I just gawked. “That fool nephew of mine has gotten you into quite… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.4 – Cameron”

Windowside Experiment 1.0 (Poem and Song)

(Got the 12 String fixed…so I put together this little number. It’s 432 hz because I’m a dirty hippy.) Wasted Days And golden Rays Of Sunshine When will I rise To tow the drowning line Long blonde hair Wicker Chair And summer Wine Such… Continue Reading “Windowside Experiment 1.0 (Poem and Song)”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.3 – Marooned

It had taken some time to locate the third tree. As I burst through the canopy I saw that the balloon had stopped. The thing hovered over the thicket about a football-field away. ‘Shit.’ Had they seen me? How would they? There would be… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.3 – Marooned”

Momiji Hazushi (Poem)

The evening is a brush That paints strange portraits Wild scenes all in a rush Of wonders, loves, and hates Wind that passess between branches Dwindling light a pattern maker Cascades meaning in avalanches Summon now the undertaker For apathy has passed beyond  We… Continue Reading “Momiji Hazushi (Poem)”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.2 – South-East

My task now lay in tracking. A task rendered doubly difficult due  to the need for stealth. I didn’t know if the balloon was friend or foe. If I found a suitable tree every mile or so I would follow the UFO. Since it… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.2 – South-East”

Is Hypocrite an Ad Hominem?

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The Hits (Poem)

  You’re swimming in sentiment Can’t reach reaction Down in the basement Gravity’s gaining traction Would you say Or would you sing Would you play Just for the ring Fundamental symphony How it orbits Differs not in kind just by degree These are the… Continue Reading “The Hits (Poem)”

Wispy, Waify, and Wild (Poem)

She was just a dream I guess that is my nightmare All these sorts of things They always interrupt me This is why I stare O so very blankly As the hand ascends And drops down O so very slowly Nothing ever ends Wispy,… Continue Reading “Wispy, Waify, and Wild (Poem)”

The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.1 – Rope

That’s not right. That tree wasn’t there. None of this was there. I’d looked down at the trail. I’d looked for only a few seconds. Schmidt was behind me. Lucas just ahead. The sounds of our over-encumbered out-sized expedition echoed all around. Now there… Continue Reading “The Sketch of Sam Monroe – Chapter 9.1 – Rope”