Windowside Experiment 1.0 (Poem and Song)

(Got the 12 String fixed…so I put together this little number. It’s 432 hz because I’m a dirty hippy.)

Wasted Days

And golden Rays

Of Sunshine

When will I rise

To tow the drowning line

Long blonde hair

Wicker Chair

And summer Wine

Such malaise the milieu

It won’t be fine

Just lay here in the dew

And look through you

Into a parallel light filter

All the possibilities akilter

Window Windowside

Hey there

Wanna Go for a ride

Splitting rainbows

Let’s see

What providence sows

Talk to me




On high on low



Labyrinth of rain

Tracing drops

On the window pain

Light refracted

Past redacted

Yet you still know my name

You still know your windowside

The hours that came

The way they’d glide

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