The Nobody’s Brigade (Poem)

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The Nobody’s Brigade

They’re stunning and they’re brave

The Nobody’s Brigade

They’ve got a soul to save

The Nobody’s Brigade

Are rounding the corner

The Nobody’s Brigade

Our freshest owner

The Nobody’s Brigade

They’ve bought but haven’t paid

The Nobody’s Brigade

Is how somebody’s are made

The Nobody’s Brigade

They paint in oughts and ought’n’ts

The Nobody’s brigade

It bludgeons and it blunts

The Nobody’s Brigade

A hammersmith of folly

The Nobody’s brigade

Molding gold into latrines well ain’t it jolly

P.S. I have been spectacularly busy recently. While I’m determined to post more I have a new unexpected responsibility. Maybe I’ll fill everyone in at a later date. But mostly I’ll save my energy for more posts. Thanks for watching.

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