Ridiculous Thoughts Whilst…


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1) My one purpose in life is to destroy my enemies. Everyone is my enemy.

2) I will crush you.

3) I’m going to eat a moose.

4) I need to poop. I need to poop for days. I need to poop for aeons!

5) That six foot eight dude over there with legs like tree trunks. I can take ‘im. Fokin nancy.

6) Iskander Dhul Karnon…idolator PAGAN! Possesor of the horns of AMMON…CONQUEROR of both the rising and setting of the sun!

7) I could kill a moose. Yea…with my bare hands. In fact I’m goin to go around livin off moose flesh that I personally chase down and dismember.

8) I am ridicolously well endowed. My member is like that of a He-Ass. Or something equally Biblical.

9) I really like cheesecake. I should go on all cheesecake diet. I’m a the gym. I deserve this.

10) If I just keep doin enough reps I’ll be totally jacked. Heavy weights are for jocks. I am enlightened.

11) I have a lot in common with Attila the Hun.

12) I want a latte. I could live off the land…

13) Everyone wants me. I am sex.

14) I will topple kingdoms with my schwanz.


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