Of Men and the Blues – Why are NORMAL EMOTIONS described as “Being Vulnerable” by culture and academics?


You see this ‘get in touch with your feelings thing’ everywhere. From cheesy romantic comedies to academic journals. It’s been all the rage for decades yet the demographic most at risk for depression and suicide seems to be having a tougher time. Isn’t there some sort of sayin’ about the definition of insanity?

TL;DR version of the Video

Emo Dudes – Men Face Depression and Suicide at High Rates – Dumb Reasons Given By Shrinks and your nutty Aunt Gertrude

1) They are not comfortable with being vulnerable.

– Why are normal human emotions considered vulnerability and couched in agency robbing terms? Terms that carry a stigma. Especially when applied to men by either sex. This is almost a subtle subconscious dominance game played by academics and well meaning Oprah viewers.

2) Mechanization has led to the loss of jobs ergo depression sets in.

– Definitely a factor. But, is it the expectation to have a lucrative job rather than doing useful or artistic things that’s more the cause? And isn’t there a wider psychological consequence to mechanization via giving people a lot less to do. Thus allowing for lethargy and stagnation to increase. Especially in light of the dim view the culture has of intellectual rigor, high art, and craftsmanship for it’s own sake rather than a bottom line to be “SUCCESSFUL.”

3) We need to “update masculinity” to solve the problem of male suicide.

So the answer to a really complex sociological problem is merely changing the packaging on an semi-arbitrary concept?

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