St. Charlemagne (Poem)

Do you like strange stories

And stranger music

Are you a stranger

Illfit categories

An urbanite rustic

Dwelling so safely in danger

Far from the hills

Amid the mountains

Shining planes


Hermit Charlemagnes

Conquering the shadow Sun

Pallbearing at weddings

Like static it runs

Fills ears with flood

Neither Normans nor Huns

Ah how the old blood

It reads

Amidst the branches

To deeds

Harry did you say we were

Late again

How typical

To miss the train

So sure

Dedicated to negation


Through a portion of a tether

So frustraing

All this weather

Blowing chaff and wheat as one


Strange stories

Mixing ancient allegories

Do you love me

Do you love these

Are there whispers on the breeze

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