Absolute Truths

Pictured: A Twat

1) You can never have just one glass of wine.

2) There is no such thing as too much cheese cake.

3) Baby Boomers are entitled.

4) The west is doomed.

5) You’d better learn Chinese.

6) Ni Hao.

7) Redheads are sexy. Unless they are male. Isn’t that odd?

8) Coffee. Always more coffee. Right now.

9) I thought about deleting some of these because they could be twisted into something that they are not by disingenious trollops. But I am not going to delete them because the purpose of banter is to make it comfortable to have flexible conversations without the constraints of forced politesse.

10) The fact that I came up with that sentence in the span of five seconds means I get terribly bored very quickly. Please read more folks. It doesn’t have to be Dostoevsky just please read more. It’s hard to always talk about the weather…in monosyllables.

11)  Yes, I do have self esteem. No it isn’t cocky. Unless you think cocky is sexy and you are a redhead. A redhead who isn’t male or Roseanne. You know what… I’m such a libidinous critter that Roesanne is fine.

12) Linux is better but old Bill is craftier.

13) You can never have just two glasses of wine you know.

14) Fourteen was Bach’s favorite number.  I think. So cheers.

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