Prole Pizza – For Replenishment, Fatness, and Coronary Occlusion (Vlog)

I lug boxes for a living. Sometimes I run out of healthy stuff so I opt for hearty.

Base – Red Baron Deluxe Supreme
Garnish – Nacho Cheese and a metric ton of Ground Beef

I work in the hub but sometimes do driver help. Like I did a couple of days ago. I saw purple while recovering at a diner on the second day. Granted I worked since four AM and my own car doesn’t have air con but still: neither the hub where I work nor the trucks have air conditioning. And Friday in my area had a heat index of 105 degrees Farenheit according to what my driver said.

The lady from the video has created a petition to put air conditioning in the trucks.

And, while  I’m not sure that air con is workable without a new fleet please sign the petition to help press for change.

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