The Cottage – Part Twenty Eight – (Short Story)

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Jim was stuck again by the shift in atmosphere. With all these bodies luxuriating by the firelight it was indeed downright homey. The warmth was pleasant.

But it was also naseuting. Jim did not trust these fine feelings. He did not want comradarie with these soft strangers.

“I’ve heard you call these things the El more than once. What is that…?”

“It is an emanation of the Most High or rather an echo. Whose seal is Saturn.”

“I thought they were from Saggitarius.”

“The manifestation on this plane is mediated through the sixth planet from the sun.”


“What do you suppose it means to be cast down?”


“Which fate is grimmest for an angel?”

Jim rolled his eyes.

“To be clothed in limit. Girded in restricting loins of flesh. Mind you it is possible to be immeasurably powerful despite such division. They are clever and it was they that taught us to forge the rawness of the earth into sword and iron.”

“So gremlins…are aliens…who are angels….because….reasons?”

The old man chuckled hollowly.

It did make a certain sense. All these various takes on a single phenomenon. Strange little introductions in a history that only appeared in snippets to the attentive. But so what? That’s the thing that Jim didn’t undestand. That he never understood about all this religious sort of stuff. So what?

Fine people perished along with the wicked. And of what consequence is it that they dwelt in grand eternities?

Of what consequence is a principilaity of imps in a thing like eternity? A thing that nullifies. Time the great healer, the great eraser, stretched limitless across the canvas of forever…whatever its mechanism…so what?

“Just be mindful that they don’t entrace you. There is cause. I see their poison dancing in your eyes.”

Jim gulped. He was still indeed between worlds.

“Can’t knock me down.” He insisted.

“At this late hour, they are a part of us all.”

“I have no parts.”

Elsa giggled.

“You are as fragmented as a mosaic. This is the lot of man. To gahter himself tile by tile, till he beholds his place in the firmament, and his connexion to the Godhead.”

“Right on man.” Jim mocked.

“Listen boy, it is at great cost that I and those here assembled have gathered enough of ourselves to see you through.”


“Yes. As they seperate the spirit from the flesh so must you seperate their flesh from their spirit. They must not be allowed to cross the threshold as corporeal till the appointed season.”

“I don’t get it.”

“You don’t have to. No one expects a rotten tapestery to herald truth. You must follow for each faithful step will be be rewarded by increased sight.”

With this the adept clapped his hands and the cottage went dark.

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