Hollow Dignity (Poem)

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Gossamer thing

I call your name

Your name is pride

How fragile thy wing

Will it lift to fame

For honor you tried

Squared away, halo effecting

Dignity’s shame

Drowned by the tide

Of all you’re neglecting

I call you by name

O hollow

Dignity’s shame

The land is fallow

You’re marching again

Honor you’ve stolen o Pride

Now one and the same you lie in grave

So shallow

You fool

You slave

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3 Comments on “Hollow Dignity (Poem)

  1. I like how this one ends. I’m listening to the Yoshida Brothers right now. You ever scour the poetry blogs listening to a good instrumental piece? Sometimes they just click.

    (The Song is Fukaki Umi No Konata, if your curious. It doesn’t seem like it should fit but I like the juxtaposition).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yea. I listen to the Cure, or Glenn Gould, or anythin’ really as I read. Those little moments of synchronicity when something falls in to place are always nice.

      The song is sort of melancholy and reflective at first. That part fits. But it does that Asian Jazz Fusion thing which can sorta work as a ‘blase acceptance’ Zen mindset. LOL. Boy do I sound pretentious. That statement should come with hipster glasses.

      But yea…everybody has a different mental landscape. That’s what makes life interesting. Glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for sharing the music and commenting.


      • Yes exactly–melancholy but sorta jaded. Don’t worry about pretentious and I was into hipster glasses before hipsters were 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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