Month: August 2019

Crazy (Poem)

Where is my strange angel Is she dancing on a needle’s head At the angle Of the floor and bed Tides rushing through her mind Days and nights I watch her try to find Ways to the heights To reclaim her birthright Reaching through… Continue Reading “Crazy (Poem)”

Blank (Poem)

I can’t think of a thing And why should I Waiting That’s just how I fly Cause I’ve slipped through The hole in my heart Variate hue O subtle art Standing Amidst pillars of always and naught Printing That which the melding evening’s morning… Continue Reading “Blank (Poem)”

Are US made drugs Better? (Vlog)

Wherein I go over an article by Eric Margolis. The Article | Call Me An Idiot Here Or Here Support This Here Or With PayPal

The Cottage – Part Twenty Two – (Short Story)

The first sensation was confusion. The second was thirst. Jim had never been that thirsty. He was ungainly on his feet and had to grip the closet door to keep from rejoining the floor. He swung it open and found everything normal. There were… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Twenty Two – (Short Story)”

The Cottage – Part Twenty One – (Short Story)

He awoke in a desert. There was nothing about save for countless dunes that undulated like waves in every direction. The reddish sand was cold. In fact everything was cold despite the brightest sun that Jim had ever beheld. It was well nigh white… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Twenty One – (Short Story)”

Funny Dreams

I really don’t recall the exact progression but it did feature an old flame. Someone who is very often forgotten behind a veil of things that actually matter. She’s a tall girl of my own blood. That is she is Slavic though there is… Continue Reading “Funny Dreams”

The Cottage – Part Twenty – (Short Story)

It was quiet for a spell. Jim had a week free of chirping and stealthy footfalls. He wondered if Dutch’s weird remedy had actually worked. The thought made him laugh. ‘Of course they stopped stalking round. They’re part of the same Scooby Doo schtick.… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Twenty – (Short Story)”

Blast from the Past – Right in the Feels

So, I was sat here drinking wine and trying my utmost to bang out some fiction and suddenly remembered the smell of a book. Then I recalled the smell of the resteraunt where I’d sat reading that book. Then I remembered the book itself.… Continue Reading “Blast from the Past – Right in the Feels”

Tragic Magic (Poem)

Sad magic children Woven through time Sad magic children Carry a chorus a line I’m alive right now Right now I’m alive Squeezing through Tapestries Pinpoint arranged Such subtle gravities Surprised anything’s changed There is only one chorus There is only one line One… Continue Reading “Tragic Magic (Poem)”

The Cottage – Part Nineteen – (Short Story)

There it was balanced just so on the couch’s arm. Everything was the same. Manila colored, red lettered, and all – it was Hant’s letter. The very correspondence he’d so recently consigned to the fire. “No.” He said rising to his feet and reeling.… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Part Nineteen – (Short Story)”