Month: October 2019

Quips Two – Men in Pantsuits

  Comrades! CEO’s and commisars have more in common than you think. Corporate culture kills the host. Management builds nothing, manufactures nothing, and costs everything. Optimization means making people work faster for less. See Outsourcing. Sensitivity training exists because being polite is preferrable to… Continue Reading “Quips Two – Men in Pantsuits”


The Current State of Psychology Pathologize everything. The Current State of Science No longer is science a specific methodology for studying empirically verifiable data regarding a narrow set of physical and observable phenomenon. No longer is science a constantly updated body of knowledge derived… Continue Reading “Quips”

Blossom (Poem)

I expand And become Formless as the void Blossom Through the through and through And the in between deployed Blossom Gather dew Drunk and drinking The stem, the root, the measure Never few Thought is living in its death Ah the blossom Of the… Continue Reading “Blossom (Poem)”

Getting in the Mood for Mystery

Or Notes for Pedants and Spoilsports It’s altogether easy to lose your sense of wonder. Especially when questions can be answered instantly. But it isn’t the answer that kills the magic. It’s the speed. It’s the lack of space. Mystery is a living thing… Continue Reading “Getting in the Mood for Mystery”


I’ve been dwelling in a hotel for the past month, probably two. There has also been the business of tending to family. Due to repairs I’m still two to three weeks away from having full use of my house. I think I’m out of… Continue Reading “Um…”