Should You E-fast?

IRL fasting has many benefits. Check out P.D. Mangan’s amazing anti-aging site for more on this.

If that’s not enough.

Even Jesus loves fasting. There’s some juju out there that can’t be banished any other way.

Except maybe the internet.

Image result for goetia"
Pictured: The internet in its most malignant form: Teh kittez. An ancient evil of possibly Canaanite origin.

So should you go on internet fasts?

Folks like Bryan Lunduke would probably say yes. Folks like me would probably say…maybe.

Fact of the matter is that I’ve been trying and planning to go on a no electronics sequester, where I produce a bunch of somethign, with a lot of focus; for well…it’s embarassing…for nearly….if not exactly a decade.

Sweet Elijah! You might cry. Your discipline sucks.

Image result for chariots of fire"
Lo! I have not gaze upon the spicy memes! Giveth me my wings, Lord!

At this rate the chariots of fire will never beam you up and reveal why Maynard is such an infuriating shtilib.

Absolutely. Yes. I’m a whimsical beast with very strong drives that are not easily tamed. Which is why I prefer letting them run free. Seems more humane. That is until they go over a cliff.

The nubmer one complaint with all things web related seems to be wasted time. The internet seems to be a distraction machine.

So, it is only natural that people throw up their hands and ask, “Hold on a minute! Hold on a minute! What if I wasn’t voluntarily pulled in a million directions at once! Wouldn’t that be…I don’t…sane?”

So all the goal setting and good intentions begin. Only to be shattered by the realziation that most of your work and social life depends on electronics. Even if you aren’t a blogger.

“Welcome to the machine.” – Roger Waters or some such hippy.

Yes. And now you’re booting up and logging on to answer e-mails or apply for jobs or write this or that and…boom now you’re on YouTube…and well….frankly…welcome to Hell and goodbye time.

Or so it would seem.

I’d suggest that there’s probably a happy medium, wherein you use your baser browsing urges to spice up the legitimate ones, and catalyze learning and productivity.

But at the same time perhaps some fasting would be good towards that end.

Not here to make proclamations just to ponder so…I dunno you tell me.

Or if you don’t want to chat with an overcaffeinated time slayer, then ponder your way to Vallhalla.

Speaking of Valhalla. Pillaging is no longer profitable and mead remains expensive. Please contribute to a thirsty bard.

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