Russians in your latte? …more likely than you think!

Image result for putin on a bear"
As far as I remember there was more drunken kabob roasting then training of Ursine Commandos.

Sometimes when folks get to know me and find out that I am originally from Russia they ask me geopolitical questions.

And of course I hear the news every sodding day.

News like this:


…Which only tangentially touches on Russia but nontheless makes me raise an eyebrow like so:

Russia has an interest in the Ukraine?

Working against our efforts?

Excuse me. But, I’m Russian American with a Ukranian great grandfather (i.e. the countries are geographicaly and ethnically closely related).

Your efforts in the region are about as natural and warranted as the Russians building up a strong military presence in Mexico while funding La Raza (See Azov Battalion). Do you know anything about the region?

What is it with Americans and their psychotic fear of a sparsely populated but self sufficient country that doesn’t want to become a NATO vasal state? I get being even handed but this level of nervous toedipping into the idea that maybe the demonized side aren’t really demons seems to be peculiarly strong regarding Russia.

Being an American citizen raised here since a young age I don’t have any particular patriotism for Russia. But I do have a perspective that makes me ask what the fuck is going 9000+ times a day.


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