Exploring Russell’s “The History of Western Philosophy” – A First Glance at the Introduction

I give some commentary on the introduction to Lord Russell’s “The History of Western Philosophy.” I am rather pressed for time as my work schedule has me waking up at one AM; and although it’s a Saturday I must make it to the pub for reasons of sanity. As such I’ll definitely be revisting the introduction in more detail. So please take everything said here with a huge grain of salt. There is quite a lot of opinion.

Sweet Ambrosia

Apologies for my sniffling and mushed words as I am recovering from a cold.

I wouldn’t have uploaded at all had I had the time to do a second take. But I’m frankly tired of seeing my website sit stagnant. So here’s my best effort and I hope you enjoy.


I) Russell’s definition of philosophy

II) Russell’s philosophical landscape – Greece, Catholicism, etc.

III) Russell on Byzantium and in my estimation by extention Russell on Orthodoxy and where in my opinion he might be wrong in his conceptions

This topic has a lot of peripheries like the political interplay of Catholicism and Protestantism and the development of man’s sense of duty to God over the state. There are so many caveats to this and so many philosophical implications that it takes up the rest of the video and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

IV) The importance of Liberalism as a balancing force between disciplinarian ossification and hyperindividualism. That importance being in my opinion the reason for studying philosophy.

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