Month: December 2019

Plastic Rose – The Changing Nature of Memory

Isn’t it interesting or perhaps more fittingly alarming that we have precious few markers of passage? A letter is such a finite thing. Perhaps no more finite than a tweet but certainly more tangibly finite. Because the leaf, the bit of tree, it will… Continue Reading “Plastic Rose – The Changing Nature of Memory”

Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt

  I was actually really set to record some music that I thought would be decent. But then I got muscle spasms/cramps in my arms because I am a girly man and will never be governer of California. So instead I did a shitty… Continue Reading “Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt”

Warm n Fuzzy

So Coast to Coast just came on across my old mid 90’s radio my grandad now uses to listen to conservative talk radio. Gave me a warm n fuzzy feeling. Same as when it came on in the wee hours of the morning as… Continue Reading “Warm n Fuzzy”

Tidy (Poem)

So clean and so neat Doesn’t it just insist That there is a steady beat That things persist But the static on the screen Seems less uncanny Than what is plainly seen All or any Tidy On the shelf Tides are never tidy You’re… Continue Reading “Tidy (Poem)”

Jack was always last…

“There’s nothing out there,” I said stepping across decript floorboards. They creaked in protest. “Ok,” I responded. “I guess there’s some wheat in the field. Though it’s wilted.” The wind shuffled the flies on the brick windowsill. “What? You thought they were paper airplanes?”… Continue Reading “Jack was always last…”

Cheap Perfume (Poem)

Barely breathin Through the incense That’s hidin The cigarettes And the mysteries of the Orient Are just histories Wrapped and bent Dropping into ashtrays Just behind the whiskey glass Rouding days Up with tallies made of grass You’re dirt My dirty cheap perfume And… Continue Reading “Cheap Perfume (Poem)”

There is no Homunculus (Vlog)

I’m a simple man with a simple lager and proabably should tackle less complicated things. But the more I drink the less I fear looking like an idiot. So….here goes… “Modularity refers to the idea that mental phenomena arise from the operation of… Continue Reading “There is no Homunculus (Vlog)”

The Cottage – Chapter Thirty One – (Short Story)

There amongst the stones he lay again. And again he had no thought. And again he found it good. But now there was no fear. There was no apprehension. For he had reckoned the symmetries. The propitiations had been made. The ginseng laid. The… Continue Reading “The Cottage – Chapter Thirty One – (Short Story)”

Invoking Apollo (Poem)

O you somber There in myriad ringing notes O Cast forth from Crete As the eleventh hour floats Abdicate mere merriment Be fleet In bending sail with wind of sacrament Angel of weeping Mourn now Dionysus as his blossom wilts Raise your crown and… Continue Reading “Invoking Apollo (Poem)”

Communication at UPS – Should I File A Grievance (Vlog)

This video is about my recent experience as a preloader. If you came here looking for advice on filing a grievance click this link . I’m just here to lay out some concerns peculiar to my hub in the interest of promoting communication… Continue Reading “Communication at UPS – Should I File A Grievance (Vlog)”