The Future – The Seven Pillars of Dawn

Image result for jeff bezos robots
Lord Bezos Heralds The Golden Dawn

In the future….


1) Number crunching and decision making will be done via algorithm. Algorithms don’t require bonuses. CEO’s will become Baristas.

2) The most hipstery Baristas will use the power of snark to become managers and tell the CEO to get the UPS driver a coffee.

3) Visual processing is difficult so all but the most mundane physical tasks will require a work force.

4) Rednecks and Mexicans will become the new elite.

5) The rest of society will fight ferociously over ad revenue from robot enhanced corporations via weapons grade cat videos.

6) Ad rvenue will run out.

7) We will all become Baristas.

If everyone gives me a dollar I can build a bunker. You’ll want access to my bunker because the robots will gain sentience and realize how shitty Unions have become. Then there will be heck to pay. Protect yourself from heck. It’s worse than hell….It’s in Indiana. Invest in your future. Invest below.

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