My Thoughts on Jordan B Peterson

Pretty sure it’s your pituitary gland that causes you to grow up. And the desire to learn cliffs of dover is what causes you to improve. Women generally distract you from learning cliffs of dover in between sessions of telling you that you work too much. BP is a classic salesman using FOMO: hey bucko you arent a real man! let me tell you what a real man is! ….and then he’ll close the deal by telling you chicks will dig you. It’s like the coors light twins except with a lot more wordsalad.

I think he’s a great lecturer and can give useful albeit oftentimes generic and omnipresent advice to folks looking for a daddy.  His stand against political correctness and bucking of the Patreon Politburo are highly admirable.


I just don’t understand people’s fascination with him. I see no genius here, I see nothing spectacular, or particularly useful. Just another self help guru with some academic chops. Hailing from a discipline which is pretty much the shakiest form of ‘science’ around.

No JBP doesn’t inspire me to clean my room. Because my room is already clean. Not because I’m conscientious or a big grown adult man that all the ladies dig! But cause I got tired of tripping over my barbells.

If you love Peterson and he really gets your needle moving: all power to you. But he keeps popping up all over my suggestions and it’s time I threw these thoughts out there before I explode with bewilderment.

I just don’t get the desire of people to be told that they’re lacking, then be given a though guy pep talk, just so they can feel they’re overcoming something.

Que the fanboys telling me how I’m a basement dweller, who thinks he’s overcome everything, who isn’t even an award winning academic superstar!

I’m sorry lads I already have a god and his name is Eric Johnson:

I need Cheetos money to fuel my woman hatred and self pity. Please help.

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