Communication at UPS – Should I File A Grievance (Vlog)

This video is about my recent experience as a preloader. If you came here looking for advice on filing a grievance click this link . I’m just here to lay out some concerns peculiar to my hub in the interest of promoting communication and on a personal note to vent a bit.

I’ve held the position for two years. This is my third peak as I started in December of 2017. I believe that what one of my full time supervisors asked me to do today was in violation of Past Practice. I learned that term after I made this video. But I’m glad that my ideas (if I understood the concept correctly/there is no fine print) about something being amiss were legitimized.

We have had three injuries in my hub this year, if I’m not mistaken. Sure you could say that’s because some of our employees are sub-par. But as someone who has been here for two years I’d say that’s definitely not the whole of the story. The management style and company culture is severely compromised by corporate pressure.
I understand the need to profit. But I think that UPS has had a wide enough margin that this corner cutting, union dodging, irrational authoritarianism is not only unnecessary (it never is) but compromises the ability to perform the job safely.

It is just a few days shy of Christmas, meaning that we have already worked a good portion of peak season, does it make sense to approach an employee at the end of the shift and tell them to rescan all the packages on the trucks because of an alleged misload registration. Especially if the misloads are not misloads as admitted by management? Especially if there was no prior practice of manually scanning out of the trucks? Especially if the supervisors do not do it and the employees do not do it.

There are further details of counterproductive and arguably abusive practices in the video. I will likely follow up in the near future as I get a better handle on the situation.

Neither my coworkers nor I should have to work under these conditions.

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