Month: January 2020

The Best Argument for Privacy

Aside from superior kernel architecture, greater choice in file systems, and the wisdom of not granting root access to anyone who drunkenly stumbles in at 3 AM the greatest advantages of Linux are not purely technical. I am by nature an artist and not… Continue Reading “The Best Argument for Privacy”

The Importance of Principle

“All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Is a rather famous aphorism. But how do you know that you are a good man? How do you know what you should do? I use this aphorism and… Continue Reading “The Importance of Principle”

Experts Should Keep Their Dayjobs

All the things I’ve ever said about people’s dumbass faux-humility reagarding deffering to experts proven right by this Canadian badass (is such an oxymoron pausible?): Give me your hard earned money for linking to other people’s work.

Samarkand – Poem

The mezzanine A half step lean Out of summerland Cold hand Chilled by Dry water Thrilled to fly From cradle to slaughter Adapt to The new blue Amidst the stair Half lidded Between fraying hair What’s needed Is precious peace Is precipice A half… Continue Reading “Samarkand – Poem”

Donut Operator – YouTube and Selective Enforcement

Donut Operator is a former police officer turned YouTuber whose recent breakdown of an arrest video was removed by and resulted in a warning from YouTube. The grounds under which the video was removed were: “graphic content”. The arrest video appears on a number… Continue Reading “Donut Operator – YouTube and Selective Enforcement”

Ten Years of Tits and Dragons

Jaded stockbrokers showcase Hobbesian ideas in the style of Marquis De Sade. In short a porno directed by the moody scene kid that just left his Psych 101 class with profound insights into the human condition. – give us a kiss then

East Berlin – Another Writing Prompt

Nothing. Nothing at all. It was reassuring. Viktor stepped away from the window breathing a sigh of relief. Max clacked in from the kitchen. The corgi stood in the middle of the floor gazing lopsidedly at his owner. It was so good that he… Continue Reading “East Berlin – Another Writing Prompt”

Ajar – Free Writing Prompt/Idea

Rain pattered hynotically against the windsheild. Making it damned difficult to keep my eyes open. Somewhere a million miles away a voice informed me that the door was ajar. I hate getting out of bed. But she’d turned the shower on and now I… Continue Reading “Ajar – Free Writing Prompt/Idea”

Teatime, CreepyPasta Love, and Global Warming 2.0

Lot’s of madness brewing so I brewed some tea. Over which I have a bit of a ramble as regards CreepyPasta, and the tragically overshadowed problem of nitrification. My Favorite CreepyPasta Narrators: CreepyGhostStories: (CGS is also a prolific writer! Highly recommended.) NaturesTemper:… Continue Reading “Teatime, CreepyPasta Love, and Global Warming 2.0”

The 20’s, The Many Evils of Beans, and Soleimani

It’s the 20’s again! Meaning it’s no longer hipstery to wear fanciful hats. Where’s my flatcap? The Pythagoreans thought consuming beans an evil. I think this idea of sin and many ideas of sin in general, as well as the whole drive to mysticism… Continue Reading “The 20’s, The Many Evils of Beans, and Soleimani”