Ajar – Free Writing Prompt/Idea

Image result for rain on windshield

Rain pattered hynotically against the windsheild. Making it damned difficult to keep my eyes open. Somewhere a million miles away a voice informed me that the door was ajar.

I hate getting out of bed. But she’d turned the shower on and now I had to piss. My lids were so heavy. Too heavy to open. But I figured I knew the bedroom well enough to navigate by feel.

I asked her what she wanted with the damned jar. But she just kept repeating the same question.

I was becoming increasingly alarmed by my inability to will my eyes open.

I swung my left foot over the edge of the bed and found an unfamiliar bit of empty space.

What the hell.

I kept edging my toes down towards the floor. As I flailed in frustration at my failure to gain purchase my body shifted.

My foot hit something wet, soft, and cold. No sooner did this bewildering sensation register then it was replaced by a sharp shooting pain traveling like an electric current up my leg.

I screamed and wretched as a wave of naseau emanated from my gut and up my esophagus.

I needed to get to the toilet.

I tired to raise myself up to my knees. I failed falling face forward into a cold wet carpet whose taste had the faint hint of moss.

I don’t currently have the time to write a full story so I thought I’d paint a bit of a scene and send it on out into the wild as a writing promt.

You are free to use it if you wish. No attributions necessary.

Just be sure to share your story if you decide to make something of it. I’m always on the hunt for fresh reading material. Cheers!

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