Month: February 2020

TFS 14 – Yuppie Car Habits, Bugout Bags, and More

In this installment I ramble about status symbols, people’s goofy expectations of being badass loners survivng the end times on tins and grit, and the origin for the namesake of “The Fractal Journal.”

TFS 13 – Semirushed Potshots at Dumb Antigun Arguments and Dismantling the Death Penalty

In this installment of TFS I argue for gun rights and against the death penalty. Try to categorize me now fuckers! Wooo.

Corporatism is Communism

Corporations are a collective of people treated as a single entity whose operation relies on a strictly enforced division of labor. Your cheif goal is not to become a better businessman but to climb to the top of the gulag. Where your title is…

TFS 12 ~ The Second Coming of McNamara

Contrary to popular belief killing the leaders of sovereign nations is not a recipe for stability. Especially if you kill them as they are en route towards peace negotiations. Perhaps people allied with nations that lure people in with promises of work only to…

TFS 11 – Warm Water Hypothermia, WWE Politics, and Moar

Disclaimer: not related to the actual WWE, if you’re here for wrestling, and not for a half assed discussion of an old Jim Breuer bit you’re gonna be bored I begin with a whinge about my first world problems then continue kvetching steadily about…

Dodging A Cosmic Bullet

Rocks are flying through space right fucking now.

TFS 10 – Real Multiculturalism, Sleepy Aliens, and Manufacturing Consent

  Today we consider the scientist approved notion that Cthulhu may in fact be real and cyborg. (See links) I also play one of the 1.5 jigs I know to spice up the conversation I’ve wanted to have about real multiculturalism. The third major…