Month: February 2020

TFS 23 – Coronavirus Lesion Study in Globalist Economics, Manufacturing, and Trans Frogs

Lesion studies are when you look at a damaged bit of tissue and match it to an impaired capacity to figure out its function, etc. Right now the economy is damaged by the Coronavirus. Something that let’s us see what the Fed really does,… Continue Reading “TFS 23 – Coronavirus Lesion Study in Globalist Economics, Manufacturing, and Trans Frogs”

Great Heart (Poem)

If you help somebody It’s an accident Cause the world is bloody Never learn from precedent It pulses and beats In hollers and heats Life flows down streets Aorta greets Whatever passes ‘long Takes it through Circulation washes right or wrong You were there… Continue Reading “Great Heart (Poem)”

TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living

  Note (I repeated a factoid from another YouTuber (CoffeeTalk) “bird flu has 98% or so survival rate) I was unable to confirm this via Google. All I got was survival rate of the virus strains in Korea not of people. I did find… Continue Reading “TFS 22 – Coronavirus, Kvass, and Carolina Living”

TFS 21 – Coronavirus in Romania, Criticizing the Alt Media, and More

I discuss recent developments in the spread of the Coronavirus via a critique of alt-media commentary. The commentator in question is a Romanian citizen who goes by the internet name “Vee.” Background Info: (Note: Italy is mentioned because it is experiencing an outbreak and… Continue Reading “TFS 21 – Coronavirus in Romania, Criticizing the Alt Media, and More”

TFS 20 – Garbage Language is Good, The Enlightenment is “Racist”, and I miss Opie

In this installment I look at some funny ideas from around the web and do a bit of babbling regarding O and A. Garbage Language is Good Article : Enlightenment is Racist…article:

TFS 19 – Plato the Hipster, Protagoras, and Russell’s Defense of the Sophists

There is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

TFS 18 – Bernie is Russian Scum, Rise of the Eloi, and the Future of Work

  Topics in Order of Appearance (More or Less) Wired Magazine Sees Russians In Its Cornflakes My 2014 or so experience at a Navy Recruiting Office Garbage Language at Trendy Pseudowork Companies I Love This Molly Broad The Eloi are soCal and spreading The… Continue Reading “TFS 18 – Bernie is Russian Scum, Rise of the Eloi, and the Future of Work”

No Way To Last (Poem)

Yea. I’m constantly wired. Yea. I’m hardly tired. Yea. It’s hard to the nth degree. Yea. This stream so fierce so free. Yea. Watch it hurtle me. Yea. Blur is all I see. Woah. Electronic. Woah. Pornographic. Woah. Everywhere. Woah. At once here and… Continue Reading “No Way To Last (Poem)”

Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity

My Two Cents: you can’t own the mixolydian scale. you can’t own a persons understanding of music. you can’t own a person’s performance of music. by this logic cover bands, and musicians playing covers in bars, are criminals. i.e. every musician is a criminal… Continue Reading “Rick Beato Tackles YouTube Stupidity”

TFJ – Show Schedule

I think I gave intimations earlier last week about my scheduling aspirations. Here they are in writing: Daily: I’ll be doing a Vlog which I hope to also turn into a podcast called TFS (The Fractal Standard) in which I’ll ramble about current events… Continue Reading “TFJ – Show Schedule”