TFS ~ Beer is Healthy! – The Economy Ain’t?! – Muh Russia… (Vlog)

TFS (The Fractal Standard) is a daily show that I decided to launch today.


Beer contains a wide variety of helpful things. Things like the bitter acid, humulone, which offers hope for fighting respiratory infections. Bitter acids are also generally known for anti-inflammatory effects.

In other news there is only a 7% correlation between GDP and the S&P 500! We’re literally running on hot air! But it’s working? For now…?

So, I’m just chillin listening to some Rogan pocast and boom suddenly Russia is an epicenter of pessimism!

I, of course must respond, as the sheer volume and frequency of random fingerwagging and ignorance, towards my country of origin grows exponentially!

Hugh J Lee even!

Intro Music Credits

  “The Riverside Dweller”

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