TFS 5 – No one respects your time, Timing Out, and other Temporal Woes

A mess with wine stained lips (and something in his teeth: it’s suggested you just listen and forego looking at the disaster)   sits too close to the camera and prattles about the following:

Nobody respects your time as an artist – nobody respects your time period – you don’t respect your time

Benefits of making topical YouTube videos (maybe everybody should do it)

Am I too much of a grouch about popular shows like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones

Probably Not – (See: Saw Movies)

Back when I was younger I somewhat considered doing standup way way waaaaaaaaay back in the back of my mind

I’m thirty years old should I start now?

Considering I’m not really funny probably not but still it’s a fun question this age cap thing

My thirty something male friends freaking out about their love lives/futures cause they’ve had a shitty marriage etc…it is to laugh

There’s two types of creators in this instant info world – ones who are reticent due to actual professionalism and ones that do so to cultivate a sense of mystery that keeps audiences guessing

examine: being real vs being cool/put together


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