Wednesday Health Vlog: Rogue Health and Fitness, Insulin Resistance, and Fitness Attitudes

In this video I talk about a website that I think provides excellent advice for staying healthy as you age, and staying healthy in general.

The key ideas repeated throughout the articles found there are: the benefits of resistance training, insulin resistance, the many evils of sugar, hormesis, the benefits of fat/protein, and the wonders of intermittent fasting/autophagy.

I then do a breif discussion about how people’s attitudes and lifestyles keep them from feeling astronomically better.

I’ve been in all sorts of shape. Fat, skinny, chubby, and athletic. When you’re in each one you forget the others pretty quickly. So you don’t know how crazy good your performance, mood, and acuity can be.

Check out P.D. Mangan’s site for more info:

I’ve heard a lot of this emerging knowledge also being promoted by Joe Rogan and his various guests over the years. Which certainly helps the credibility as Joe is an athlete who constantly interacts and trains with athletes and many of his guests are scientists and doctors.

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