TFS 12 ~ The Second Coming of McNamara

Contrary to popular belief killing the leaders of sovereign nations is not a recipe for stability. Especially if you kill them as they are en route towards peace negotiations.

Perhaps people allied with nations that lure people in with promises of work only to keep as defacto slaves for building skyscrapers shouldn’t moralize too much.

Today we examine a man who disagrees.

Maybe, I’m being a bit too snarky but then again my cited sources are a former counter-terrorism specialist who worked for the CIA and the budget director from the Raegan administration so I’m a crazy hippy. Prone to snark and feels over reals.

I guess I just can’t help but spread all kinds of crazy ideas like avoiding foreign entanglements.

Go back to bed.

Everything is ok.

Mr. McNamara is back.

Mac McNamara speaks:

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