TFJ – Show Schedule

Pictured: Writing

I think I gave intimations earlier last week about my scheduling aspirations.

Here they are in writing:

Daily: I’ll be doing a Vlog which I hope to also turn into a podcast called TFS (The Fractal Standard) in which I’ll ramble about current events and pretty much anything that comes to mind. This is basically a way for me to have consistent output that not only allows me to develop ideas and my riffing skills, but to keep a steady rhytm. Something simple enough to draw me to my workstations with promises of feasible completability.

Frida – Monday: I’ll be doing background work, like researching, writing, editing, doing web design stuff, trying to arrange interviews or coordinate travel plans if the subject matter demands it.

The writing publications like essays, stories, and poems will be set to autopublish on various days of the weeks. This will keep the content stream fat, fresh, and tasty.

Tuesday – Thursday: Topical vlogs published alongside whatever work was scheduled from the weekend and TFS.

Tuesday: Historical Oddities and Little Known Truths

Wednsday: Health Science News

Thursday: The Creative Lifestyle

Clearly, this is fairly ambitious. Especially for a procrastinating shit like myself with familial and domestic duties. So it will take some time to perfect. But it is a target that I intend to aim for in earnest.

Thanks for stopping by over the years and sticking with me through my dryspells, various sudden story deaths, and general shtibaggery.

I appreciate all of my readers old or new.


Alex V. Weir – WordPresser, YouTuber, Story Slayer

 O did I write something you enjoyed? Yea… I’m just gonna let it die while I ride my mountain bike.

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