Little Care (Poem)

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Trading tales

Out there

Where all else fails

Little care

She rests her head

On a shoulder

That’s long dead

Yeah she’s growing older

But still in circles

She wheels

The wreck through cycles

Bursts seals dance jigs and reels

Golden red

Sweet neck

Empty head

All hands on deck

To little care


She’ll just stare

Too wordy

But just you wait

We’ll get there

Better then, yea better late

Silk hair


Sketch a future

In tears and smiles

My suture

My little care whiles

My time away



I’ve nothing to say

Be a scaffold

For burst roses

A tale that’s told


Of little care

That’ll never never

She’ll l just stare

Towards the horizon

My all my why

That the future lies on

Yea we’ll never die

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