TFS 30 – Quality Nutrition in the Apocalypse

Panic is more dangerous than germs. I make the case for getting a few extra groceries. Worst case scenario you have a slightly fuller pantry.

No this is not a recanting of my initial observation that this virus while concerning isn’t apocalyptic.

This is a supply line problem. And boy do we have a big one. We are insanely dependent on China for goods essential to manufacturing, medicine, hell goods in general.

The United States and all nations would do well to secure as much self sufficiency as possible. Distribution of goods over wide distances is a tricky, expensive, and highly sensitive business.

Let’s not make it our primary means of sustenance!



If you wanna stock up and support Tim’s channel:

Tucker on our dependance:

Some people have been critical of Tim for “shilling.” Personally, I have nothign against people offering solutions to potential problems. I think that the beans and rice package the pariot supply has is pretty affordable and a sound idea.

Though, you’d also do well to stock up on nutritionally dense canned stuff like herring, etc.

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