Sapphire Silence (Poem)

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Black sand shivers

Dog star glimmers

Sapphire silence

Subtle violence

The Saracens in flight

Lamps are burning

Sacred yearning

For the ending of the light

Bones are dancing turning engines

(Crystalline machinery)

Of the rite

The Saracens in flight

False so called is all this wisdom

True it never was a thing

Here beneath the ruined kingdom

Lay the bones of scarlet king

The Saracens in flight

For the aeon is upon us

At the crossroads

Of Lemuria and Kyuss

Rise o sleeprs from abodes

Join the chorus

Of the hawk-wind

Screeching cross this seabed dry

The Saracens in flight

Restored flesh

Infused with spirit

Fresh like dew

Without limit

Sands they drew

From the beginning

Set the leaning

Hour glass aright

The Saracens in flight

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