A Bit of Blue

Hah. Just as I post more mask musing…I see this thumb where some Jersey MILF teaches you to take ratty Tshirts and make petri dishes masks. If Fauci admits* that there was an overestimate and we see less dire consequences then predicted without masks…

Maybe these things will just serve best as kinky bedroom gear. If Jersey really wanted to do a public service she’d save money on clothes like that Tennis player and wear nothing but the mask. Inspiration is a public good. And there is nothing more inspiring that slightly chubby, vaguely ethnic ladies, dressed as bandits.

In all seriousness that looks a hell of a lot less shitty for a warehouse worker to wear to keep from breathing on merch. So I might do it to save your granny and get a virtue lay from crafty Jersey broads.

Maybe she’ll knit me assless chaps like that one hipster chic I dated. Never trust people who feed their cats Zoloft.


Think I’m just a randy crank. Well yeah…but you did learn how to make a mask and got a link to the stupid Hill didn’t you?

See, high and low brow, all at once.

That’s why you’re here isn’t it?

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