Boogey Men


One of my favorite authors decided to troll his readership with a half-truth: men are evil.

Here’s the link:

Since, I got my ass handed to me at UPS today and didn’t wake up till four fucking PM here’s some thoughts that I guess qualify as content:

Hah. Yeah, but who eggs em on. Who whispers in their ear that Bruno over there gave em a pat on the ass?

If Helen’s face launched a thousand ships couldn’t her mouth have stopped it?

Do women go for poets with an English garden or are they jumping labia first into the beds of thugs no matter if it’s Patton or El Chapo. So long as they’re sufficiently ‘decisive.’

Most men want adventure not war. It just so happens that war is one of the ultimate adventures. And it comes with the most enthusiastic cheerleaders.

Let’s you n him fight!

Fred has provided me with countless hours of joy and insight so I’ll forgive the shallowness of this polemic.

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