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MMM. Just shelled out eight hundred dollars for some plumbing work and found out that there’s another significant portion of my house that’s water damaged. To those of you who have been here a while, you may recall that I recently dwelt in hotels for the span of about four months while the guest bathroom was entirely rebuilt.

This time it seems that my kitchen and perhaps my master bedroom will have to be rebuilt. The tile in the kitchen masked the problem…only tip off was the wee bit of wetness where the tile met the hallway carpet.

The former plumbers hadn’t mentioned any of this (aside general warnings about pinholes) and the fellas I had out here who are kinda a big deal in the area almost gave up the search for the leak. Apparently, my crawlspace is sheer noneucledian mysticism and full of daft HVAC ductwork.

Averlorn Campaign: Mind Bending Cosmic Truths Best Left Alone ...
Plumbing CIRCA 1977

Uncertain as to whether or not my insurance company will cover another large claim. But, I’m a positive Scotch infused fella and even if they don’t I’m sorta looking forward to learn how to do this shit myself.

I was raised by a senior citizen and never taught shit. So if I have to rebuild a major part of my home that gives me ample lisence to swing my dick around. I like to swing my dick around.

What Does Trump's Golfing Reveal about His Personality? | JSTOR Daily
Pictured: Swinging Dick

Anywho, I haven’t the time or more honestly the inclination to create anything resembling worth so I leave you with links to some pretty badass articles I was going to try to fashion a ramble out of:

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Stuff About Water Cause I’m Supposed To Be Writing About It Because Shit Can and Does Go Wrong

Exploring the Problems of ‘Prosthetic’ (i.e. technological rather than conservationist solutions)

The Limits of Clean Energy

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