Le Baww

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I’ve been visited by the weird ghostly twink of misfortune.

Well, seems I just can’t win the battle for time. Old washing machine’s been dead for a tidy while so I’ve been goin to the laundraumauouaehshtIAIACTHULHUFHATAGN or however you spell the place where we collectively wash the chipotle farts from our breifs.

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Wut even is tiiime
Unfortunately, the water main right in front of the blasted place burst. So here’s me facing another night of inhaling my dirty pillowcase and waking up looking like I just got back from Bonaroo. Red faced, red eyed, and dazed from the pressure in my head that makes me feel like a floating nose.

My butthurt is apocalypstic and I will drink myself quietly to sleep.

But not before I leave you with some links you may find interesting.



Scientists Discover 19 Interstellar Asteroids Hiding Between Jupiter And Neptune

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