Putin Hatred

Left: Wenher Von Braun – American | Right: Nazi Scum

Every once in a while I stumble across some comment calling Putin a: “KGB Thug!”.  Today, a thought I feel worth sharing occurred to me as I once again stumbled across this fragrantly ‘woke’ turd.

Pray tell, o ye butthurtformer Soviet sattelites, McCarthyists, and shitlibs:

Where the hell do you expect countries to get their leaders from?

Isn’t America and the world at large filled with former intelligence and military people at every level?

Didn’t Wernher Von Braun actually operate a concentration camp? (Not entirely sure but it’s not outside the realm of possibility.)

So you can’t even demand that leaders have no former affiliation with troublesome entities.

Are we supposed to pluck people from the ground like turnips. Or is there some ether, where we can pull folks experienced in statecraft and military operations, that are wholly unaffected by the dominant political forces in their region for the past century?

Fuck off.

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