TFS 45 – Eastern Europe, My Politics, Bob Lazar Body Language, and Funny Hats

Ok, so first the lineup: 

0 – 8 min : The why and how of my interest in Eastern European politics. With some discussion of my strict originalist Constitutionalism. Why global tensions are a threat to that position etc.

8 – 9:12 min : Talk about this Bob Lazar body language analysis video:

9:12 – end: I practice ‘social courage’ by wearing a funny hat and discuss the result

In this installment of the stream of consciousness show from my shitposting channel, I get into why I give a fuck about Eastern Europe.

Why should I as a United States citizen, homeowner, and patriot give a fuck about a bunch of bickering Gypsies and Slavs?

Ok, so I’m originally from Russia. But I’m pretty fucking comfortable and have basically been marinated in Americana since I was eight years old. The family I was adopted into having roots in the country going back to before the Civil War. 

So, why do I get so up in arms about nations that will probably never be able to fully adopt the enlightenment principles I hold dear?

Well, as global economic tensions rise and converge with tribal tensions exacerbated by corporate media and powerful business interests THAT DOESN’T BODE WELL FOR STABILITY.

And stability is precisely what’s required for us to be able to pursue those things higher up on Maslow’s hierarchy.

Besides even gopniks will eventually crave a white picket fence and 2.5 kids who suck at piano. But, that craving will be somewhat dampened if people that claim to represent us keep being a global bar fly and playing the game of ‘let’s you and him fight.’

Dude! This Bob Lazar shit has me losing my mind. He’s so believable. What do you think alien life/technology/time travel mean for metaphysics?! Mind is so fucking blown. Gonna steal all his shit and use it in story after story.

Heard Peter Hitchens mention social courage so I decided to practice some by wearing a funny hat in public. It’s hilarious how people go around with half shaved Skrillex haircuts, purple hitler hair, piercings, lumberjack beards, and pants that showcase their HooHah but the minute you wear a funny hat YOU’RE THE FREAK!

This too is its own tribalism.

I suppose I should explain how exactly wearing a funny hat is ‘social courage.’ People give you shitty looks. This makes you uncomfortable. You start to question yourself. If you’re used to doing this then you will have less trouble having necessary but difficult conversations.

Aright, well there we have it there was some synopsis that happened there.

Hope ya enjoyed.


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