National Small Man Complex – Romania


Wow, the surprising factoid about Putin’s capitulation to Islam had me hungry to learn more unexpected facts about my country of origin!

Unfortunately, Romanian edge-lord ‘Freedom Alternative’ failed to deliver.

Why is Internet in Romania so damn fast? - YouTube
Our Glorious Truthseeker (In all seriousness I kinda like him. Reminds me of my goth friends from highschool.)

I’ve come away from round two of his ‘Russia is Not Great’ miniseries…even more convinced that Eastern European countries have a national small man complex when it comes to Russia.

This segment covered: “living in Russia.” And began with a fearsome haymaker of a claim stating something along the lines of “livin in Russia is much worse than living in EU countries, so significantly worse mind you, because PUTIN (da da dum!) that it is comporable to conditions in Africa!”

Well, holy shit I thought! Maybe communism wasn’t so bad seeing as the 21st century under Putin has us going from spacefaring world power to Uganda in just 20 years!

Russian Then | Russia Now

I then went on a veritable thrill ride through harrowing tales of Russian inborn and inextricable indigence, aids, and drunkenness that made me wonder how Russia could even manage to live up to Africa!

And then I did some googling fingers aquiver with grief at the ruin of my Fatherland…certain that the next google search would yield facts so devastating to one’s national pride that I’d have no choice but to drown myself in a tub of Vodka!

Chto eto! Where is tub? You can note the national tendency to degeneracy in my stooping gait, three day stubble, and atrophied musculature. A vodka drowning would indeed be fitting for such a eugenic blight.

Alas, much to the chagrin of edgy gypsies the world over my imminent demise was not to be. Instead my face twisted in Tucker Carlsonian expressions of disbelief that in 2017 (just a year after this Romanian truth bomb dropped on the pwnd faces of Kremlin lovers everywhere) the GDP(ppp)/Capita(*) had Romania at 54th and Russia at 57th with only an 897 dollar difference.

You’d think that all that magical Germanic titmilk Merkel supplied to Romania would be more nourishing than 897 measely bucks advantage over a benighted Subsaharan Russkie.

Especially, since said Russkies are naughty and currently being sanctioned by big Massah Murica! One can only hope they calm down and return to the globalist plantation. Since surely based on the rapid rise of aids vodka that 897 dollars is sure to grow as exponentially as a bat flavored virus.

So, I dug further!

Surely, the future of Russia is dire!

Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut
Note the decidedly Asiatic features of the Russian untermensch.


Looks like those pesky Ruskie bastards pickled themselves so silly that they must have gained enough of an aids immunity to bring the GDP(ppp)/capita difference to just 618 bucks with Romania 50th and Russia 53rd.

This did of course come from that Moscow entrenched, KGB run, Russophile, Commie bastion capitalism hating propaganda mill known as The World Bank so take it with a grain of salt.

But surely, this is a mere statistical fluke!

Reputable organizations must be making similarly dire predictions for the sprawling Borsch soaked Bears future.

Well, unfortunately all that I could find as a source was that damned Pravda subsidiary known as the IMF which has projected Romania trading places with Russia in 2020 with Russia in 50th place with 30,820 bucks/per capita and our intrepid hero Romania 53 with 29,555/per capita!

Surely these are communist lies.


In all seriousness I’m sure, in fact I know, that life in Russia is difficult, and that it has a lot to overcome. But, this video and the comments and mindset of the people that post under it and on similar channels is just polemic hubris.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so often used to stir fear and disdain in a complicated and precarious region by powerful business interests who don’t have much regard for the populations residing therein.

*Note: it is important to use GDP(ppp)/capita because: “Comparisons of national wealth are frequently made on the basis of nominal GDP and savings (not just income), which do not reflect differences in the cost of living in different countries (see List of countries by GDP (nominal) per capita); hence, using a PPP basis is arguably more useful when comparing generalized differences in living standards between nations because PPP takes into account the relative cost of living and the inflation rates of the countries, rather than using only exchange rates, which may distort the real differences in income. This is why GDP (PPP) per capita is often considered one of the indicators of a country’s standard of living,[3][4] although this can be problematic because GDP per capita is not a measure of personal income.”


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