TFS 50 – Principle vs Allegiance, Tales of Idiocy, and ‘Looming Meat Shortages’

I continue the discussion of civilizational decline. With an examination of the difference between principle and allegiance and what this means for the rule of law.

Other Supporting Topics Include

  • How anti-intellectualism and the abdication of the Enlightenment ethos have led to ack of the moral courage required to secure inalienable liberties.
  • Anecdotes of how ill-informed individuals in my life have demonstrated an attachment to allegiances rather than principles.
  • How the lack of a skeptical mindset has led to monopolies that create huge supply line problems; as all centralized systems of business and government do.


The Epoch Times VOL XVII NO. 2,695 – Looming Meat Shortages Expose Vulnerable Farm-to-Store Pipeline – Support Independent Publishing

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