Month: July 2021

Alfred Devereux – 12,000 foot Gator

Courtesy of my broken AC, Elijah Craig, and this sick jam:


Russkies….russkies everywhere…in your cereal…in your hair! Yes, I stole the bit from Cumia:

Fence Sitting is Not the Moral High Ground

Just because discourse gets messy and our opinions might not have much clout doesn’t mean we should shy away from actively seeking to understand everything we can. A response prompted by this video:

New Driver in the Hub!

Looks like I’m bout to be replaced ya’ll.

Nerdy Ramble – Multiple Fail Points and the Glory of Analog

I’m goin amish. Music Liscence Thing: ASLC-11F7152F-EA3E1A5574

“Serving America” and other Ambiguous woo

Herein we look at: “Heroes work here; Thank you for your service;” and other such spells…. To conclude that: Mysticism is usually only good for the shaman.

@Gavin McInnes – Is Poland Conservative?

A randomer opines.