Month: August 2021

A NEw Day

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FInal Binge Syndrome

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Maddow Defense and the Degenerate Legal Climate in the United States

It is now enshrined in law that there is an implied understanding that liberal hosts are just providing commentary even though they’re part of a major news network. Even to the extent that they can make factual claims about other people. This stands while… Continue Reading “Maddow Defense and the Degenerate Legal Climate in the United States”

Driving Jobs Aren’t Going Anywhere

A car already has thousands of moving parts. Add AI to the mix and you exponentially increase the potential for shit going wrong. Logistics jobs etc.. aren’t going anywhere in the near and probably not so near future. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ – Stories, Novels, Analysis,… Continue Reading “Driving Jobs Aren’t Going Anywhere”

What I Don’t Get About Statists; Nostalgia; What is Beauty

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What I don’t Get…

…about Statists is that they look down on the individual. Viewing individualism as inherently myopic, solipsistic, selfish, and provincial. Then proceed to give individuals immense power over the collective. Seriously, I don’t get it.

Tryin To Funk Up My Blues

Just another Jam

Vagueness – The Fart That Binds – A News Blitz

Yea….I’m aware of the echo and the fact that the intro music sounds like a rave with intermittent power but hey! I made a da vidya. Today I talk about how vague terms like businessman, news, etc. And the way that congresscritters use vagueness… Continue Reading “Vagueness – The Fart That Binds – A News Blitz”

Hormesis, 107 Year old Man, Karen Revisited, and Moar

Badass of the century: And other stuff discussed.

Mud Jam

D Dorian Jam Thing I Think Just got a Fender Champion 100 AMP and a 40 dollar MIC and some time so here’s a thing.