The Fractal Journal was first published in 2016. But it started long before that.

My name is Alex Weir. It has always been my aim to share my fascination with the world.

Life really is interesting.

Exploring this interesting thing called life can be done in countless ways – mine happens to be somewhat analytical and artistic.

I am very fortunate I suppose in that I was born into a time where technology allows one to self publish and research at dizzying speeds. This is exactly what I’m here to do.

I love the ability to cut out the middle man and bring content straight to you. Here at The Fractal Journal you will find original books published as series, snippets from upcoming ebooks, essays, vlogs, original music, web comics, and much more.

While I believe that I’ll be flying solo for some time to come I do eventually want to bring others on board.

I hope you find this site both entertaining and informative.


Alexander Vyborov Weir

Webmaster – Nerd – Russian Bot – Founder – Scotsman – Etc. – Ad Naseum.

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